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State Security Prevents Screening Of Miguel Coyula’s Documentary ‘Nadie’

State Security Prevents Screening Of Miguel Coyula's Documentary 'Nadie'

14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 16 April 2017 – Cuba's State Security and
the National Revolutionary Police surrounded the independent gallery El
Círculo to prevent this Saturday's screening of the documentary Nadie
(Nobody), directed by Miguel Coyula and featuring the censored poet and
writer Rafael Alcides.

The filmmaker and his wife, actress Lynn Cruz, were intercepted by
police at the corner of 13th and 10th Streets in Havana's Vedado
district. Starting several hours earlier the agents had closed the
street to vehicles and pedestrians, according to a statement made from
the location to 14ymedio.

Cruz and Coyula point out that without any reason and with "only a vague
argument" the operation was carried out in the area, and the police
asked for their IDs and didn't let them pass. Only "four Spanish
diplomats" managed to reach the gallery, according to Lia Villares,
curator of El Circulo.

On 29 January Nadie received the Award for the Best Documentary during
its international premier in the Dominican Global Film Festival.

"A group of uniformed men and others in civilian clothes advanced toward
us. One of them took out a piece of paper with a list and compared our
names with those written there," said Coyula and Cruz describing the
moment when the police blocked their access to the site where the
documentary was going to be shown.

Cruz also denounced that State Security warned several of the invited
guests that the operation was being carried out to "save" them from the
"counterrevolutionaries" who had "deceptively" issued invitations to the

"As authors of the work, we denounce the censorship that the government
exercises because this time it went beyond the institution," said Coyula.

"Art is also about the citizen's right to share and discuss a film.
Intellectuals and artists need to take a firm stand and defend their
right to perform and display critical works, without compromise, because
the attitude that that they take in life ends us being reflected in
their work," he added, speaking to 14ymedio.

Following the police deployment that prevented access to the gallery,
the filmmaker invited several friends to his home where he projected the
documentary. Among the guests was Michel Matos, director of Matraka
Productions, who is strongly criticized by officialdom.

The Círculo had also announced a Saturday screening of Carlos Lechuga's
film, Santa and Andrés, but the film's producer, Claudia Calviño,
refused to allow the projection and called the gesture an "illegality"
saying "this and other activities are outside the traditional marketing

Lía Villares circulated an email on Sunday in which she defined the
"political" character of the gallery that seeks to "promote a culture
that continues to be censored despite international awareness and
witnesses." The activist also points out that it is in Cuba that artists
have "a moral responsibility to the present and future."

Source: State Security Prevents Screening Of Miguel Coyula's Documentary
'Nadie' – Translating Cuba -

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