Monday, April 17, 2017

Advertising On Wheels Arrives In Havana

Advertising On Wheels Arrives In Havana

14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Havana, 14 April 2017 — The vehicle belonging to
El Biky cooperative is adorned with the images of its products and the
smiling faces of some of its employees. The food center, located at the
corner of Infanta and San Lázaro, is looking to conquer new new
customers for its cafe, restaurant and bakery.

As it passes, the singular minibus awakens curiosity and questions. Some
question whether private individuals will be allowed to do the same, or
whether it is only a prerogative for the 397 non-agricultural
cooperatives that are active in the country.

As for advertising and marketing, ingenuity and creativity alone are not
enough; also important is the enterprise's form of ownership and management.

For decades advertising was frowned upon by the Cuban government

For decades, advertising was frowned upon by Cuban officialdom. The
existence of the rationed market, the creation of a distribution system
where people "earned" the right to buy home appliances based on their
loyalty to the government, and the almost total nationalization of the
economy made advertisement to promote a product or service unnecessary.
To talk about marketing was taken as an ideological drift with petty
bourgeois tints.

With the economic reforms of the 1990s the situation began timid
changes. The government itself launched publicity for trips to the
island with colorful advertisements of beaches, sun and sand. The
private sector was not far behind and created everything from brochures
with their offers, to digital sites to attract customers. However,
television maintains the sobriety of not airing commercials and the
marketing is focused within the food outlets themselves, the yellow
pages of the telephone directory and the internet.

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