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Peru,Thank You for Your Example and Great Strength

Peru,Thank You for Your Example and Great Strength / Somos+

Eliecer Avila on a walk around Lima's mountains, with two Peruvians
Somos+, Eliecer Avila, Havana, 21 March 2017 — During those days we
observed with deep sorrow the disaster that Peruvians are enduring, with
many deaths and thousands homeless due to flooding and landslides. A
beautiful country that has overcome some of the most unfavourable
historical events, to rise up to one of the continent's and the world's
emerging economies of our time.

It has reached a stable democracy after more than a decade of civil war,
dictatorship, and extreme poverty. It has since started to forge a
modern history of sustained growth, advances in social issues, in
infrastructure, in telecommunications, with booming business and an
unprecedented right-wing state.

Eliecer Ávila visiting a family-run ice cream factory in Lima in 2014
Still far away from its potential, Peru today constitutes an example of
what a Latin American nation can achieve when it advances together and
is reconciled in what is necessary. One can appreciate the tremendous
efforts of its entire diaspora that has not rested, collecting
assistance that will soon reach the hands of their compatriots to
alleviate, even if just a little, so much shared pain.

Our movement maintains strong ties of solidarity and cooperation with
different institutes and civil organizations in Peru. We have witnessed
there the humility, education and immense spirit of work that
distinguishes its people. To all our friends, we want to let you know
that we are at your disposal to help in everything that is possible.

We are sure that this dark chapter will pass and the immense South
American nation will resume even more strongly its path of flourishing
and progress. They will achieve it with the same spirit they express, in
the motto that accompanies their shield and banner: "Steady and happy
for the union."

Source: Peru,Thank You for Your Example and Great Strength / Somos+ –
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