Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cuban singer has amputated arm removed again

Cuban singer has amputated arm removed again
By: ThinkSpain , Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Cuban singer who was run over by a subway train in Madrid on Monday,
Danays Bautista, has had her "left arm amputated again" today after a
laborious operation to reimplant it on Wednesday.

An obstruction was detected in one of the veins in her arm after it had
been re-attached to her body.

According to a spokesperson for the Hospital General Universitario
Gregorio Marañón, where the delicate operation took place, Bautista has
had to have the arm removed again and is "in a critical condition" in
intensive care.

The singer is "sedated and on an artificial ventilator" and has
"received a large blood transfusion" in the past few hours.

Bautista's condition continues to be "serious" according to the hospital.

The singer, who is blind, fell between two carriages of a subway train
in the Nueva Numancia station in Madrid on Monday and was run over,
losing her left arm in the accident.

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