Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cubalex Launches Campaign For The Release Of Lawyer Julio Ferrer

Cubalex Launches Campaign For The Release Of Lawyer Julio Ferrer / Cubalex

Cubalex Center for Legal Information, Havana, 15 November 2016 – The
Cubalex Center for legal Information is initiating a campaign in support
of Julio Alfredo Ferrer Tamayo, an attorney by profession and a defender
of human rights by conviction.

For years Ferrer Tamayo has faced alone a system where officials charged
with following the law have used it as an instrument of domination,
control and repression. He has denounced every violation of national
legislation and international standards related to the guarantees of due

He has not emerged unscathed from his fight against the abuse of power.
They have discredited him and acted against his wife. Today they are
both in prison. He was charged in 2014 with the crime of falsifying
public documents and in 2015 with the crime of contempt. He was tried
and sentenced to 3 years and 6 months respectively.

The National Directorate of Penitentiary Establishments recognized the
violations of the Law, but they keep him in prison because they cannot
go against a judicial decision. The Supreme Court did not acknowledge
the abuse of power of its officials in bringing charges. The National
Assembly and the Council of State listened and remained silent before
the abuses.

The sentencing court cannot change the decision, but prison officials
allege that they have requested a correction of the combined sentence.
There is no doubt, they are trying to resolve the abuses with more
illegalities. Impunity is the order of the day. There is no intention to
comply with the law, nor to punish those responsible for violating it.

There is nothing left for state institutions other than to listen to
reason, but they refuse to budge. Their violations can only be corrected
through a review procedure which, according to the law takes about three
and a half months, but Ferrer Tamayo has already waited nine months for
a response from the President of the Supreme Court.

Cubalex demands respect from the authorities for the National Law and
asks anyone committed to freedom, democracy and human rights to join our
campaign for the immediate release of Julio Ferrer.

Follow us on Twitter and use our hashtag #Free-Ferrer. Visit our
Facebook page and give us a 'Like'. Help us to spread our messages for
his release on social networks. Add your voice to ours, we shout
together in the phrase of José Martí: "In justice there can be no delay,
whomever delays its fulfillment turns against himself."

About Cubalex

The Cubalex Legal Information Center is headquartered in Havana,
Cuba. We are a non-profit NGO, not recognized by the Cuban state. We
offer free legal advice in matters of legalization of housing,
immigration procedures, inheritance, labor, processes of criminal
review, constitutional procedures and the defense of civil and political
rights, at a national and international level, to Cuban or foreign
citizens who request our help.

Twitter: @CubalexDDHH



Source: Cubalex Launches Campaign For The Release Of Lawyer Julio Ferrer
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