Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Information Center of the Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs in Cuba
(www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- As members of the Information Center of
the Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs in Cuba, we urgently call upon
the International Community since Cuban State Security has intensified
the repression against us as of July 15, 2010, when our three telephones
were all disconnected. A regular landline phone and two mobile phones
(which we must pay at astronomically high prices) are urgent and
essential necessities for the three handicapped individuals, two of them
blind, who occupy our dwelling.

Cuban Military Intelligence has threatened to imprison and to impose a
fine of $500 dollars to the following activists: Juan Carlos González
Leiva, Tania Maceda Guerra, Yudel and Yusbel Gónzalez Reyes.

Sergio Díaz Larrastegui, who is blind, and the owner of said dwelling,
was denied his retirement income for the month of June ( 185 pesos in
national currency ) and is being systematically threatened with
suffering further reprisals by the Cuban office of the National
Association for the Blind if he does not eject us from his home.

We are permanently being followed and are under surveillance by agents
of the Cuban political police. Independent journalist, Doralis Alvárez
Soto, who's already been granted a U.S. Visa, was denied the exit permit
card to permanently leave the country by Cuban authorities as a form of
reprisal for the work she does at the Council of Human Rights
Rapporteurs in Cuban (CRDHC).

All these acts of repression against us are intimidating measures to
punish our monthly reports and denunciations that document the abuses
that the Cuban government presently continues to commit.

The telephone numbers that were disconnected:

Regular landline: + 53 7 649 96 63,two mobile phones: + 53 5 273 09 68
and + 53 5 354 41 82

Our Information center is located at: Mayía Rodríguez St., Bldg 459
Apt. 305, between/ Carmen and Patrocinio, La Víbora, Municipio 10 de
Octubre, City of Havana, Cuba

E-Mail: relatorescubanos@gmail.com

Juan Carlos González Leiva. Director
Odalys Sanabria Rodríguez
Leticia Ramos Herrería
Tania Maceda Guerra. Secretaria de Organización.
Sergio Díaz Larrastegui
Tatiana López Blanco


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