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Can Libertarians End the Communist Monopoly in Cuba?

Can Libertarians End the Communist Monopoly in Cuba?
Quornsum May 8, 2017
By Dries Van Thielen

Ever since some guy on a motorcycle and another guy in the Sierra
Maestra hunted President Fulgencio Batista away, the government in Cuba
consisted solely of members from the Cuban Communist Party. Thusly, all
612 seats in parliament are controlled by communists.

Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti

Fortunately, it seems as if this communist monopoly will soon come to an
end. On May 7, the Libertarian Party of Nevada announced that Cuba will
have its own libertarian party named "Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose
Marti." They based their name on Jose Marti, Cuba's most prolific
19th-century poet and nationalist.

News of the founding of the Libertarian Party was brought into the
United States by a Havana-based libertarian individual who contacted a
fellow national in Miami, FL.

Arrests and Intimidation: How it Started

It all started on February 9, of this year when Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez
and Manuel Velazquez Visea were arrested by the regime of Fidel Castro.
Their crime? They met up at a private property to discuss free markets
and liberty. Both men are associated with Mises Cuba and the Benjamin
Franklin Libertarian Library project.

Liberal thinkers are frequently targeted by the Castro Regime. Three
other members of Mises Cuba have since then been halted by Havana, only
to be released 24 hours later. Also, it is not uncommon for police cars
to surround libertarian rallies – as a measure of intimidation. As a
peaceful protest against the oppressive Marxist regime, members of Mises
Cuba have founded the Libertarian Party.

Politics, Education, and Meet-ups

The group will work on three branches. First and foremost, they founded
the party to have a political impact on Cuba's government. Even though
Havana does not allow other parties, the Libertarian Party hopes to end
up one day in parliament.

Secondly, the Mises Cuba branch will focus on economic research and free
trade education.

And thirdly, the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library will create a
library for weekly meet-ups to discuss Austrian Economics and
liberty-related ideas.

Hopefully, the Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti will be a
successful alternative to Raul Castro's dictatorship. It didn't take
more than 300 guerilla warriors to overthrow Batista…

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