Thursday, February 27, 2014

Declaration of Cuban Civil Society Activists Joining Forces in Madrid

Declaration of Cuban Civil Society Activists Joining Forces in Madrid
Posted on February 26, 2014

Madrid, February 26, 2014

For recognition of the legitimacy of Cuba's independent civil society

We, activists of independent civil society, have agreed to promote a
representative group to act as a channel of dialogue with international
institutions and other potential partners.

Since the ratification of our commitment to peaceful methods to achieve
the Rule of Law, we demand from the government of Cuba and before the
international community:

1. The unconditional release of all political prisoners , including
those under extra-penal license (on parole).
2. The end of political repression, often violent, against the peaceful
movement for human rights and pro- democracy.
3. Respect for the international commitments already entered into by the
government of Cuba, the ratification – without reservations – of the
International Covenants on Human Rights and compliance with ILO
conventions on labor and trade union rights.
4. Recognition of the legitimacy of independent Cuban civil society.


Yoani Sánchez – Blogger
Berta Soler – Spokesperson of the Ladies in White
Elizardo Sanchez – President of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights
and Cuban National Reconciliation
Juan Felipe Diaz Medina – Christian Liberation Movement (MCL )
Guillermo Fariñas – UNPACU
Manuel Cuesta Morúa – Progressive Ar
Reinaldo Escobar – Journalist
Antonio Guedes – President of Ibero American Association for Freedom (AIL)
Guillermo Gortázar – President of the Cuban Hispanic Foundation
Javier Larrondo – UNPACU Representative in Spain and EU
Virgilio Toledo – President of Coexistence Spain
Frisia Batista – President of Roots of Hope Spain
Elena Larrinaga – FECU
Alejandro González Raga – Cuban Observatory for Human Rights
Blanca Reyes – Ladies in White
Eduardo Pérez Bengoechea – Coordinator of International Human Rights
Platform of Cuba
Tomás Muñoz and Oribe – Cuban Liberal Union

Source: Declaration of Cuban Civil Society Activists Joining Forces in
Madrid | Translating Cuba -

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